Suzanne Atran Bell

About Your Criminal Defense Attorney

In the state of Florida where Suzanne Bell currently practices law, she has years of experience, but she began her education and career in the North East where she was born on Long Island, New York. After graduating from JFK High School, Suzanne went on to the State University of New York at Albany where she interned in the New York State Attorney General’s Office in the Office of Consumer Frauds and Protection. She mediated fraud between consumers and merchants and was responsible for over two hundred investigation files. After her undergraduate degree, she received a double Master’s Degree specializing in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) at New York University. For three years after graduation, Suzanne worked in the field of education for the New York Board of Education and then Mercy College beginning as a Teacher then moving on to Curriculum Development, Administration and Academic Advising. After her success in the field of education, Suzanne returned to her study of law and attended Hofstra University School of Law in New York.

At Hofstra University, Suzanne participated in the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) and Moot Court Competition. But even more significantly, she acquired a wealth of strong legal experience through her internships. In her legal internship with Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, she was deeply involved with misdemeanor trials as well as gaining a thorough understanding of felony arraignments, hearings, and trials in crucial areas including homicides, rackets, and narcotics. In the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, as an intern, she worked very closely in the investigation and prosecution of felony and misdemeanor offenses and provided critical legal research. She rounded out her in depth experience at The Criminal Justice Clinic where she represented indigent clients charged with misdemeanors and violations in the District Court of Nassau County and in New York City Criminal Court, Queens County. Her outstanding achievements in the clinic earned her the Monroe Freedman Ethic’s Award. Before she was even out of Law School, she was already acquiring criminal defense experience as she worked on all phases of a client's case, including initial interviews, arraignments, bail applications, field investigations, plea negotiations, and written motions for cases that included larcenies, drug-related offenses, assaults, and vehicular misdemeanors.

With such a wealth of expertise and experience, it was no surprise that she went straight to work in the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office after graduation while experiencing a big change of scene in Florida. Suzanne spent close to ten years as an Assistant State’s Attorney. Starting in the Misdemeanor Division, progressing to ever more responsible and skilled work in the Juvenile Division and then the frontlines of the Felony Division. Finally, Suzanne became a well-respected Assistant State Attorney in the Insurance Fraud section of the Organized Crime Unit. She managed case loads of over than 350 cases of fraud in both investigation and prosecution.

Suzanne has great expertise in all aspects of legal cases in every area of criminal law from fraud to homicide right on the frontlines of prosecution. She is at perfectly at home in the high pressure, high stakes environment of the court room. She has a top notch legal education with training with criminal defense and prosecution of cases in the full range of criminal law. Her knowledge surpasses mere case law because she knows how the other side thinks and she knows what it takes to stand up in court and face a powerful opponent. Suzanne learned from the best- the experts in criminal law both academically and in the trenches of the legal system. Her inside knowledge of the ins and outs of the Florida legal system means she knows intimately exactly what clients face when they’re up against a complex legal system and what it takes to provide effective and creative representation for her clients.

Suzanne Bell is a seasoned attorney who brings her creative and expert skills to the kind of representation that clients trust and depend on. Her depth of experience in every step of the criminal law process. She has the ability to find the best possible resolution whether it’s negotiation or a hard ball defense. Suzanne Bell has the talent, the skill and the expertise at every level of the legal process to provide clients the kind of passionate representation that is responsive and successful.