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Choosing Your Attorney

David Seltzer talks about what you need to know when choosing an attorney.

Choosing Your Attorney
David Seltzer talks about what you need to know when choosing an attorney.
Casey Anthony Trial Opening
David Seltzer, Miami criminal defense lawyer, talks about the opening of the Casey Anthony Trial
Attorney David Seltzer on CNN
Attorney David Seltzer appears on CNN to talk the rights of one eye witness who testified during the Casey Anthony murder trial.
Fraud Investigation
Attorney David Seltzer appears on Fox News to discuss credit card use and the threats of cyber crimes.

David Seltzer

The experience that David gained during the years he spent working for the state attorney's office provided him with knowledge and insight that many seasoned attorneys have yet to experience. Already, Mr. Seltzer has had more training and exposure to internet crimes and how the legal system works than some will have in their entire careers. It was during his time as a prosecutor that David benefited from numerous training sessions and conversations with experts in the field, helping him better understand the complexities of how technology relates to the law. See more...

Menachem Mayberg

Menachem has handled hundreds of cases. His experience includes complex and serious criminal cases and high-profile cases involving the media. He has represented clients throughout the lifetime of a criminal case. That includes people targeted by law enforcement investigations, before any charges are filed; those in criminal legal proceedings or negotiations with prosecutors; clients facing a formal trial; and those who need help with a post-conviction appeal or writ of habeas corpus. His experience includes work in criminal courts throughout Florida and in many other states. See more...

Suzanne Bell

Suzanne has great expertise in all aspects of legal cases in every area of criminal law from fraud to homicide right on the frontlines of prosecution. She is at perfectly at home in the high pressure, high stakes environment of the court room. She has a top notch legal education with training with criminal defense and prosecution of cases in the full range of criminal law. Her knowledge surpasses mere case law because she knows how the other side thinks and she knows what it takes to stand up in court and face a powerful opponent. See more...


Client Reviews

Case Results

Broward County State Court – Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Defendant was arrested after discharging a firearm at his apartment complex. Gun was found in proximity to the defendant, with no other individuals in the vicinity. After extensive and lengthy discovery, which included depositions, photos of the scene, and a video of the scene depicting a reenactment of the night in question, Seltzer Mayberg, LLC through its vigorous and persistence was able to secure an amazing result for the defendant.

Result: Probation, NO JAIL – got the State to waive the Minimum Mandatory sentence

Miami-Dade County State Court - Possession of Child Pornography & Transmission of Child Pornography

Defendant and his family hired two (2) other local lawyers prior to turning to Seltzer Mayberg, LLC for assistance. This was a unique case and involved multiple legal issues. However, prior counsels were unable to spot the issues and exploit them. After a short time with the file and reviewing the matter, David Seltzer was able to present various legal matters to the State which resulted in a timely resolution to the case.

Result: Probation as a NON-SEX OFFENDER – No Jail

Miami-Dade County State Court- Possession of Stolen Property & Altering a Serial Number on a Firearm

Defendant's bond was too high for the family to post. Seltzer Mayberg, LLC immediately filed a motion to reduce bond and was able to secure the release of the defendant and save the family money. After the release, the firm turned their attention to the facts of the case and aggressively pursued the State to address the legal issues and concerns with the arrest. After presenting our defense strategy to the State, Client was very satisfied with the results.

Result: Case Dismissed at Arraignment – No Actioned

Miami-Dade County State Court - Possession of a Controlled Substance to wit: Cocaine and LSD

Defendant was arrested at Miami's Ultra Music Festival by an undercover police officer. Client was a student at University of Miami and did not want this to effect his enrollment and his future. Seltzer Mayberg, LLC quickly spotted the issues with the arrest and immediately contacted the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office to address our concerns. After review with the State, Seltzer Mayberg, LLC secured another successful result.

Result: Case Dismissed at Arraignment – No Actioned – Client Expunging his Record

Federal Drug Trafficking – Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Five Kilograms of more of Cocaine

Defendant was arrested in Broward County, Florida (Southern District of Florida) after an undercover officer along with a confidential informant set up a fake drug deal. During the arrest, the matter which was captured on both audio and video, my client was present throughout and participated in the transaction. The guidelines were 46-57 months with a 10 year minimum mandatory sentence. Through vigorous and persistent efforts, David Seltzer was able to secure an extremely favorable result for his client and his family.

Result: 24 months – a 96 month departure from the 10 year minimum mandatory and a 22 month departure from the guidelines.